An open source passenger flow simulation framework for advanced aircraft cabin layouts created by Bauhaus Luftfahrt. Based on Eclipse and released under EPL v1.0 on Github.


The PAXelerate framework being a two-dimensional agent-based passenger flow simulation is especially designed to assess novel cabin architectures including on-demand adaptable cabins during boarding. Combining the cabin layout designer and agent builder enables to investigate customised case studies. Applying parallel thread processing allows to conduct several trade studies in an efficient manner.

Feature Overview

Agent-based simulation Parallel thread processing
The 2D agent-based simulation module is the core of the passenger flow framework. Agents represent the passengers searching for the shortest and cost efficient path to their assigned seat using an A-Star path-finding algorithm. Each agent thereby acts individually. Building upon Java as a programming language enables to apply parallel thread processing techniques. Each agent process runs on a single thread within the CPU and thus allows realistic real time agent interaction.
Agent builder CPACS Support
The agents anthropometric properties such as shoulder width, body depth and walking speed, are determined using a normal distribution between minimum and maximum values. Dynamic agents reactions are enabled by their mood and environment changes. Optional carried hand luggage has an impact on the walking speed. The boarding simulation supports and is based on the CPACS file format created by the Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt (DLR) as an easy way for interdisciplinary data exchange. PAXelerate supports the import and export of CPACS and a demo file is given for an easy start.

The PAXelerate Team

The PAXelerate developer community currently consists of active members from Bauhaus Luftfahrt, Munich Aerospace and Technische Universität München. If you have a question which is not covered in the documentation, please create an issue on our GitHub page or use write an email. Otherwise, feel free to contact us via phone: +49 (0)89 30 74-8490 or email: contact at paxelerate dot com.

Marc Engelmann Michael Schmidt
Marc Engelmann Michael Schmidt
At Bauhaus Luftfahrt e.V. since 2014. First as Master’s student, now as researcher. Visit ResearchGate for an overview of publications or contact on LinkedIn. Former Munich Aerospace scholar in cooperation with Bauhaus Luftfahrt, now Terminal planning at Munich airport. For more information on publications, see ResearchGate.


Following is a list of research publications related to PAXelerate. An overview of the PAXelerate research project progess can be found on ResearchGate.